When do I get my bill?
August or September of each tax year.

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1. When are real estate and personal property taxes due?
2. When should taxes be paid to avoid penalty?
3. What is the interest from January 6 - January 31?
4. What if I don't receive a tax bill?
5. When taxes are delinquent, can you make payment arrangements?
6. When will property be advertised in the paper? If I have payment arrangements will the property still be advertised?
7. What action is taken if I don't pay my taxes or make arrangements?
8. What if I sold the property and I get a tax bill?
9. What if I get a tax bill and my mortgage company is supposed to pay them?
10. Why do I pay county taxes when I live in the city?
11. How do I obtain tax receipts for my income taxes?
12. When do I get my bill?