One year ago, Iredell County Building Standards implemented new permitting software to improve and enhance service to the public. Members of the public can access Citizen Self-Service from their computer or device (including making online payments) for a variety of projects and permit types through-out Iredell County.

As with previous county permitting software, EnerGov will serve as the primary permitting software utilized by:

• the Planning Departments of Statesville, Troutman, and Iredell County;

• the Fire Marshals for Statesville and Iredell County;

• Iredell County Environmental Health (both Onsite Water Protection and Food & Lodging);

• Iredell County Building Standards for both Commercial and Residential projects;

• As well as other Development Services provided by the Town, City and County

Utilizing EnerGov will further enhance effectiveness by providing secure uploading of documents with the application, including site plans, septic lay-outs, and building plans for both residential and commercial projects.

Here’s how to utilize the new system:

1. Complete the application process via Iredell County Citizen Self-Serve.

2. Log-in, or register for an account if you do not already have one.

3. Provide requested information, upload support documents, and plans for your project when prompted.

4. Note: Online Payments can be made without log-in.

You may also apply for permits by visiting our office at 349 North Center Street, Statesville.

Work Sheets are available online for your reference and use.

You may request inspections or check on inspection results by using the Search of Public Records or accessing your Citizen Self-Serv account

Town of Mooresville Building Permitting & Inspections Department

On September 1st, Iredell County will discontinue the issuance of new building and trade permits within the Town of Mooresville and its ETJ. Permits in process, review, or issued status at that time will be completed by Iredell County, but all permits from that date forward (beginning September 5th) within the town and its ETJ will be handled start to finish by the Town of Mooresville Building Permitting & Inspections Department .

In order to maintain continuity of service, permits issued by Iredell County will remain the jurisdiction of Iredell County to enforce and conduct inspections thru project completion. Iredell County Building Standards will continue to issue construction and trade permits until close of business on September 1, 2023.

While Iredell County will continue to process permits within the Town and ETJ until September 1, it is important to note applicants must still obtain Town of Mooresville zoning approval to apply within that time frame and successfully obtain a building permit with Iredell County. Permit applications to Iredell County that have not received authorization from the town to apply for a building permit (zoning approval) prior to September 1st, will be denied a permit by Iredell County.

Applicants with projects in the Town of Mooresville and its ETJ that require Erosion Control, Onsite Water (well/ septic), or Food & Lodging review, approval, permitting and inspection must continue to make separate application to Iredell County following the September 5th transition.

Iredell County Building Standards is committed to maintaining high quality service to all citizens of Iredell County, now and throughout the upcoming transition.

Thank you for your patience and thoughtful feedback during this transition