Communicable Disease Control

The functions of the Communicable Disease program include

  • Investigating reported diseases and taking action to prevent spread of disease to others in the community.
  • Monitoring disease reporting by physicians and laboratories in order to detect trends
  • Assessing the public health impact of disease
  • Communicating with other public health agencies, private physicians, hospitals and infection prevention staff as an essential part of disease control efforts.
  • Disseminating public health interventions and information to the community and the media in order to enhance disease control efforts.
  • Working in collaboration with and receiving guidance from the North Carolina Communicable Disease Branch

Fees and Eligibility
There is no cost to clients for services provided. Services provided regardless of county of residence.
Sexually transmitted disease (STD) information: see the Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic link on the clinical services page.
Tuberculosis (TB) information: see Tuberculosis Screening and Treatment link on the clinical services page.
Providers: For reporting forms and other resources see the provider link on the clinical services page.

Migrant & Refugee Health

The Health Department assists migrant or refugees in locating sources of health care.

  • Assist refugee or migrant in finding medical care
  • Review records to assure that migrant or refugee is free of communicable disease and appropriately vaccinated

Resources for more information
Communicable diseases:
Reportable diseases in N.C.:
Reporting of communicable diseases:

For general information about Iredell County’s communicable disease program, please call 704-878-5300 for Statesville or 704-664-5281 for Mooresville. Send communicable disease reports to our secured faxed at 704-871-3474 

Communicable Disease Data in Iredell County

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